TRX RIP Trainer


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TRX RIP Trainer


Core strength like never before! The TRX Rip Trainer™ is a game-changing tool for any athlete who wants to generate rotational power (and spine health) while rounding out their strength training. Perfect for bat, club or racquet sports, move in any direction to work your abs, obliques, backs, and hips while enhancing speed, agility, and balance.

Rotational Force Unleashed – Supercharge your balance, stability and speed.

Sweat Tested + Proven – Created by a Navy SEAL and endorsed by millions of athletes.

Powerful, Portable Performance – Lightweight, packable and rugged for on-the-go workouts.

Resistance On Your Terms – Control intensity by adjusting your distance from the anchor point or by switching bungees. Comes with medium bungee; Lite to XX-Heavy cords sold separately.

Unmatched Strength, Unbeatable Grip – Built to last with a steel core and durable rubber handles. Its ergonomic, no-slip grip empowers you to move in any direction for a full body challenge

Comes with everything you need to work out anywhere-at home or outdoors.

  • TRX Rip Trainer
  • Door Anchor
  • Medium Resistance Cord
  • Safety strap
  • 14-Day Free Trial to TRX Training Club®


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