Myzone Compression Shirt, Mens, Med, (ex. monitor)


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Myzone Compression Shirt, Mens, Med, (ex. monitor)


Get in the zone, seamlessly. Discover our connected clothing that integrates your MZ-1, MZ-3 or MZ-Switch module (sold separately). Workout belt-free with the Myzone Sports Shirt. Choose smart sportswear that tracks your heart rate, belt-free. If you struggle with the strap and want a more seamless (and sleeveless) experience, the Myzone sport shirt is for you. Simply pair your Myzone module to your app or in-club display, attach to your shirt and start collecting MEPs. Made of 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, this compression shirt it light and breathable. And with built-in sweat wicking, you’ll stay dry no matter how hard you go.


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