We are driven to inspire business success, lifestyle changes, and personal transformations. We strive to see our partners realize  their potential through positive outcomes.
It is our responsibility to continuously improve the customer experience so that the people and businesses we interact with, are able to thrive.


Life Fitness has the largest product portfolio in the industry and offer the largest range of cardio, strength and group training products.

By being at the forefront of technological development and focusing on design, biomechanics and high quality, Life Fitness continues to dominate the market.


For 50 years, Life Fitness has been dedicated to creating exciting and invigorating fitness solutions that allow fitness facilities to succeed and let exercisers reach their goals, by providing the tools needed to create exceptional workout experiences.

We put your brand first. We offer extensive consultation to guide you through the limitless possibilities and choices available for your facility.

We’re here to help you take the steps needed to transform your business.


Life Fitness has decades of experience working with all types of gyms and health clubs around the world, from boutique fitness studios to large commercial gym facilities. We provide you with the innovative and unique exercise experiences your clients are looking for by offering the most complete portfolio in the fitness industry.

We offer our expertise through all stages, from concept creation & consultation, layout & design, installation to after-sales and beyond. 

Attract new members – Retain your current members – Improve operational efficiency – Generate new revenue streams


Premium Hospitality Fitness Solutions
Life Fitness understands that health and wellbeing is an important part of the hospitality experience. We offer premium hotel gym equipment and fitness offerings to meet the needs of your guests & Enhance the guest experience.

Life Fitness partners with international hospitality chains, boutique hotels and premium resorts to curate delightful wellbeing experience for guests. This is done through premier fitness equipment products, space layout and design consulting, and customer service with hospitality industry expertise.


Life Fitness offer a wide variety of products and customization choices. Transform your facility with cutting-edge digital experiences to keep exercisers entertained and engaged, or small group training solutions to excite and energize members. 

Aesthetic details like colour options, weight stack shrouds and other customization choices set a facility apart.

Both facilities and exercisers benefit from innovation and product development. 

Every facility has unique goals and we provide the tools and choices needed to reach them.


For over 30 years, Life Fitness have been helping the world get active 
and fit with groundbreaking workout equipment. 

A vast selection of Treadmills, Bikes, Cross Trainers, Arc Trainers, Powermill Steppers & Rowers with unique
features and price points. Equipment for every exerciser, every gym & every budget.

Immersive Experiences Like No Other

LifeFitness’ global research guided every part of developing and engineering the Symbio range to be a leader in innovation for cardio. From a premium experience, through to enhanced features and personalised options and metrics – innovation was the focus.

The result was the most innovative, immersive fitness equipment available, and a new benchmark in premium cardio.

With meticulous purposeful design, advanced biomechanics and personalized immersive experiences – Symbio delivers the ultimate fitness experience.

Symbio offers a natural, sensory workout experience tailored to the individual, to elevate both their ambition and your facility


Continuous innovation and improvement ensure that this cardio series is an inviting option for exercisers in the best fitness facilities around the world.

Available with Consoles: 
• Discover SE4 
• SL Console

Simplicity Refined​

Combines modern design with intuitive functionality. The sleek look, available in either Arctic Silver or Smooth Charcoal, allows facilities to enhance their aesthetic with equipment that appeals to workout novices and exercise veterans.

Aspire builds on the Life Fitness heritage of advanced biomechanics to create memorable exerciser experiences

Advanced engineering improves efficiency and limits downtime. Simplified mechanics make maintenance easier and add reliability.

Available with console
• SL Console

Reliability & Comfort

This non-impact cross-trainer follows an Arc pattern that engages muscles in the same way they are used while running. Scientifically tested to be gentler on your joints than walking, the Arc Trainer reduces knee stress while increasing glute and hamstring engagement.

The high power capacity of the Arc makes it ideal for training total body strength in exercisers who cannot perform more traditional movements. 

Research has shown that the Arc is capable of burning 9-16% more calories than competitive machines.


The PowerMill™ Climber provides a challenging workout for anyone & is one of the most effective exercise machines on the market with tough training programs that shape a strong body; glutes, legs, core and back. 

With 25 different levels, one of the largest step spaces among similar products and an anti-toe-pinch design, stepping on the PowerMill offers everything from traditional cardio training to high-intensity interval workouts.


Turn up the intensity in your facility.

The powerful, modern design allows exercisers to train for every intensity level in any setting.

We pushed the envelope to create a streamlined rower that helps exercisers to push past their limits. Features like smartly designed easy access ratchet foot straps, and smooth air/magnetic resistance contribute to a performance workout that’s inviting and rewarding.

The intuitive LCD console offers an easy-to-use digital experience with extremely accurate power readings and 100 resistance levels that allow exercisers to fine tune their workouts to any level of intensity.

For Every Budget & Exerciser’s Needs​

The cardio workout experiences of your exercisers are determined by the consoles they use.

Premium Discover consoles offer immersive experiences, plenty of entertainment options and the connection to fitness apps and wearables that exercisers expect. 

Intuitive Integrity SL consoles are for those that want to get-on-and-go and still have access to the same connectivity found on premium console offerings. Create the experience ideal for your facility and your exercisers.


For when done right, small group training adds energy and excitement to any fitness center. Create memorable experiences for exercisers with a well-planned and well-executed group training offering.
Successful small group training is a perfect mix of space, products and application.


The ground breaking SYNRGY360™ system creates a fun, inviting and meaningful workout experience for exercisers of all abilities and fitness levels.

The unit is available in several sizes and different customizable configurations.

The energy created around a SYNRGY360 system makes it the exciting focal point of any facility.


The SYNRGY180 training system has a space-saving design that serves as a functional training rig and efficient wall-adjacent accessory storage unit. The modular system can be custom-configured as a simple single-bay training rig or expanded to be a full room multi-bay training rig with a variety of HIIT elements.

EFFICIENCY – A full functional training system that doesn’t take up valuable square footage.

FLEXIBILITY – Scalable size and the ability to add the training modalities your exercisers want.

GREAT DESIGN – Premium and inviting design improves the aesthetics of any facility.


A nearly limitless variety of exercise options in one space. Rooted in the success of SYNRGY360 small group training, the SYNRGY90 system is a shift in contemporary one-on-one training—it provides the structural space trainers need, offers nearly limitless Configurability and fits seamlessly in dedicated spaces.


Studio Collection accessories are designed following color theories and common user preferences. The simple, organizational benefits and accessibility make the Studio Collection perfect for exercisers and club owners alike. These accessories—along with our other products—are the finishing touch for a complete facility, saving time and effort for customers.

• Each rack is the same height and each type of weight utilizes the same color strategy. This gives your studio a collection of products that fit and work together as a family.
• Organizational efficiency allows this collection to fit in any space
• Colors and design aesthetics make group studio classes more inviting


For Life Fitness strength machines are designed with a focus on both durability 
and sound biomechanics to ensure that they provide reliable performance and effective results.


Thoughtfully designed & distinctively crafted, the Insignia Series features intelligent and subtle design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience.

Hundreds of individual parts work together to create a selectorized line that is aesthetically appealing and inviting to exercisers of all fitness levels.


Premium options for exercisers looking to expand their strength training progression beyond selectorized machines. 

The Signature Series includes plate-loaded machines, Benches and racks, and versatile Cable Motion™ machines.

Each unit combines outstanding performance with a striking design aesthetic.


Axiom Series is a comprehensive line of strength equipment that includes single and dual-exercise selectorized units, a dual adjustable pulley, and benches and racks. 

Inviting design and inviting exerciser functionality combine to create a strength line ideal for any facility.


LifeFitness accessories are for facilities that want to create a cohesive performance training experience that athletes get more out of. A growing portfolio of products that lives up to an evolving legacy of world-class athletic and functional training equipment.